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TE MANA LAMB farmers commit to 2018 season

All current TE MANA LAMB supplying and finishing farmers are likely to continue with The Omega Lamb Project for the 2018 season. “We have begun visiting our existing base of farmers and to date they are all staying on, which is fantastic,” said Aimee Charteris, Farm Programme Manager for The Omega Lamb Project PGP. “We are now working through with them what lamb numbers they can commit to for the coming season.” What is different about The Omega Lamb Project is that, at present, those taking part need to be incredibly open minded and adaptive – first adopter explorer types, says Aimee. “Our existing group really are rock star farmers. They are passionate about what they are doing and they fundamentally believe that this type of system is the way forward to both satisfy consumers requirements and to add value for farmers.” Aimee says the project is aiming to meet the market demand by bringing on carefully selected farms. “While the criteria is likely to widen in the future, that explorer personality is essential because the system still needs a level of refinement. We need passionate people, who can look at the world differently, are willing to do something new and change their own system to assist us in producing our gold-star TE MANA LAMB product. “