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TE MANA LAMB now in My Food Bag

New Zealanders can now enjoy TE MANA LAMB at home with the product selected for the award-winning home delivery service My Food Bag.

The premium lamb is now featuring in My Food Bag’s Gourmet Bag and being delivered to customer homes across the country.

Nadia Lim, co-founder and dietitian at My Food Bag, said: “We’re constantly scouring the market for top quality, locally produced ingredients to help New Zealanders put great meals on the table. TE MANA LAMB is tender, delicious and makes it easy to create a five-star, nutritious meal.

“The more common source for Omega-3 fatty acids is seafood, particularly oily fish. The fact that this lamb contains notable levels of Omega-3 fatty acids, as a result of their diets, is a bonus to its fantastic flavour.

“The lamb can be cooked longer, allowing the intramuscular fat to melt, creating delicious and delicate flavours and an underlying richness. And that’s what makes it an ideal inclusion in My Gourmet Bag.”