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The best of nature, the best of nurture

After extensive research in genetics and lamb nutrition we have bred a new class of lamb. It’s a unique lamb from a unique place with unique fat composition. The lambs are 100% grass fed in the foothills of New Zealand’s Southern Alps before moving to lower country to graze a special chicory herb-based pasture.

For years sheep breeding has focused on lean meat, we have taken a new path seeking healthy Omega 3 fat and oils in lambs for the sake of taste and health. We’ve discovered that the same oils and fats that improve taste also make the lamb healthier – for humans and for the animals 

The Omega Lamb Project has measured more than seven thousand lambs from hundreds of different genetic and feeding backgrounds. What we have discovered is a unique set of animals with naturally higher intramuscular fat, and Omega 3 content compared to normal lamb. What’s more this characteristic is heritable and passed on to offspring.

Even further to this, these lamb’s innate characteristics are amplified when lambs are finished on specific forage mixtures. We have used over 20, all natural, grazing systems and arrived at the perfect combination of nature and nurture to constantly deliver animals in a class of their own.